Why study in Europe…..

  • In Europe you can find quality higher education and training directly connected to business, industry and on-the-job work experience.
  • Great intellectual and technical innovations have made Europe what it is today: a leader in areas of the liberal arts, in design and fashion, in banking and financing, in the media and in telecommunications technologies.
  • In Europe you will find an astounding mosaic of universities and institutions of higher education. No matter what your personal preference – whether scientific or technical, the liberal arts or business and economics – you can attend the courses you need for your future career.
  •  You can expect excellent education systems that can serve as a springboard to your future career. European higher education institutions regularly undergo quality control reviews and meet the highest international standards.
  • Education is considered a basic right and great effort is undertaken to ensure that the more than 6,000 higher education institutions are open to anyone with the appropriate qualifications.
  • Tuition fees are very modest (0 to 1000 Euro/Annum ).
  • European universities are becoming increasingly internationalized. Already, more than 100,000 students from South Asia alone are currently studying at higher learning institutions throughout the European Union.
  • No need to learn a new language if you do not want to. English is sufficient in most EU universities.
  • During study breaks, you can also enjoy the vibrant life of modern Europe: contemporary music trends, modern dance, avant-garde theatre, or fashion. Study in Europe and enjoy Europe’s varied and cosmopolitan tradition.