?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????One can list out various reasons to study in USA. USA’s qualifications are well recognized and respected throughout the world. Its commitment to excellence, the extended scope for research and education flexibility are marked in growing results as is witnessed in the talent that is cultivate and produced at universities in the USA. USA Universities have a comparative advantage in the following areas of study: Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Administration, International Relations, Computing/IT, Media and Communications, as well as Law and Engineering. The country is so huge that a person can enjoy urban, suburban and rural locations and climates

The average tuition and fees per academic year at four year undergraduate level can vary from less than US$3,500 to more than US$15,000. Living expenses range from $4,700-6,000 each academic year. However, tuition and fees at selective private institutions may cost considerably more than these averages.

Why do foreign students pay the price to enroll in Top USA Universities? Because they view this cost as an investment. They have determined that the necessary skills and experience they will gain by studying in the USA will reap a high return for their money and a better paying job when they return home.

Some popular Universities & Colleges

There are so many Universities & Colleges in US that welcome international students. Some of the popular universities are

Normal Admission Intakes are:

Usually, US universities have 2 main intakes with some institutions offering in June & March.

  1. Spring: January/February
  2. Fall:August/September
  3. Summer:May/June
  4. Winter:March/April

Application Deadlines:


June 1st for Bachelor’s/UG programs

Or rolling depending on the universities and their programs


1st November

Or rolling depending on the universities and their programs

Note:You’re advised to apply early for preparing you well ahead with I-20/Admission letter from your US university or college as well as visa documentation and interview.